The Diamond Advantage

Is it possible to have a successful career, nurture healthy relationships, and enjoy financial freedom? 

In the Amazon Best Seller, The Diamond Advantage, award-winning corporate executive Dr. Heather Simone guides female leaders through a powerful journey to their next-level success.

Through compelling personal stories, leadership research, and insightful exercises, Dr. Simone outlines a customized strategy that redefines success with purpose, integrity, and significance. Using her signature PRISM™ framework, she teaches professional women how to find time for themselves and their most treasured relationships without comprising quality of work, how to be the owner of their own success, how to integrate professional and personal aims, and more.

The Diamond Advantage details a customized strategic plan that helps the professional woman redefine her goals to better align with her personal and professional core values―in essence, showing professional women how to have it all!

I was both excited and proud to read your book – The Diamond Advantage. In the book, you tackle an often talked about topic (Personal Success) in a straight-forward, insightful manner while maintaining a truly personal touch that meant so much to me as the reader. Your research was extensive and your guidance very impactful! The use of a personal strategic plan added a tangible conclusion to all the important lessons in – The Diamond Advantage. Please continue to Shine On! As you know, excellence is almost always brighter than we think.

Barry M. Pelletteri

Adjunct Professor, Executive MBA Program, Rider University

Dr. Heather Simone is a forthright, always prepared, strategically minded business professional with 15 years of experience in major financial services companies. In The Diamond Advantage, Dr. Simone offers a framework for career success by thinking through the present into the future. Using the acronym of PRISM to outline a lens for achieving success, Dr. Simone endeavors to disperse motivational light through a series of exercises intended to clarify goals and set a pathway forward.

Dr. Nancy DiTomaso

Distinguished Professor, Rutgers Business School—Newark and New Brunswick

In The Diamond Advantage Dr. Heather Simone brilliantly presents her PRISM Framework with supporting examples of transformational leadership and the benefits of a diverse corporate culture, highlighting the importance of aligning core values and beliefs with personal action to achieve one’s authentic success.

Her Fortune 100 success story underscores the persistent drive and pressure one must withstand to achieve next level success. This dedicated climb, especially coming from a woman of color in the corporate 100 space, is a perfect analogy to the pressure a diamond must withstand to reveal its unique luminescent beauty. I couldn’t help but sing “Shine on you crazy diamond” throughout this book as Dr. Simone encourages leaders, rising stars, and entrepreneurs to strategically plan their unique path to success.

Donna Karaba

Executive Coach, Bestselling Author, Passion, Purpose, Profit: 9 Keys to Building an Authentic Executive Coaching Business

Being a businesswoman who came to this country as a medical doctor from the Ukraine I was extremely impressed with this brilliant work! I now have a roadmap to continue to build my business and my brand no matter the roadblock!

Dr. Ledi Carpena

Owner, Golden Pair Clinic for Corrective Cosmetics

The Diamond Advantage is a powerful breath of fresh air! This is my third time reading this book and each time I’ve discovered a new level of insight on my potential…I’ve shortchanged my success. The delivery of principles is simply impeccable!

Dayna Marie


This is Dr. Heather’s calling & purpose. Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge, she expresses it in a way that you can’t help but internalize her message. I have so much admiration for her positive spirit and her ability to use practical tools to make all the difference in the world.

Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell

Founder, Cuts of a Diamond Consulting

Available as paperback, Kindle eBook, and Audible audiobook.

The Brilliance Method

Seeking the clarity, tools, and resources to scale your business to a thriving 7 figures and beyond with passion, purpose, and prosperity all while doing what you love? The Brilliance Method has the solution to crystalize your personalized roadmap to glowing business success!!

Esteemed Business Strategist, Dr. Heather Simone guides women leaders through a powerful journey uncovering the strategies for exponential growth in a business you love! The Brilliance Method designs a customized strategy that unlocks the building blocks of scale and shatters the glass ceilings of impact to create multi-generational wealth with ease, style, and grace.

Dr. Heather’s heart-felt guidance candidly inspires and empowers the economic capital of women leaders, particularly African American women, with transparency and practicality utilizing her signature strategy entitled The Brilliance Method.

In essence, she remembered who she was, and the game was forever changed! If you’re primed to monetize your marvelousness, then bank on you and relish in your newfound strategic and customized solution!

The Brilliance Method is a fitting title. I know that we all are not considered to be brilliant but Dr. Simone’s words allowed me to envision myself in her shoes. One of my favorite quotes was in the forward. Dr. Simone said “My goal as a women’s wealth advocate is to reconnect you to your brilliance, amplify your voice and to scale the business of your dreams.”

Being a visually impaired entrepreneur has not been easy but I welcome the path Dr. Simone has laid out for me in this book.

Alison Gordon

Owner, Alnìcòr LLC

The Brilliance Method is a must read! Dr. Heather has done it again! As an aspiring real estate entrepreneur,  I am not only empowered to take the business ownership leap, but most importantly have a better understanding about what it takes to to reach my goals.
Before reading this book I was unsure of the steps I needed to take to manage my dream business. Thanks to Dr. Heather I’m clear and confident that a 6- figure future is within reach!!
Michelle B.

Future Real Estate CEO

As a 20-year corporate executive turned entrepreneur, but most significantly as a woman who has worn many hats, this book is a must have for my journey. Dr. Heather Simone has an uncanny ability to compassionately understand and love you for who you are while realistically providing real strategy that covers all bases for expanding as our best selves and evolving our business and income to match our souls and our goals.
Thank you for this concise handbook for the modern woman to empower herself and her business. 
Michelle Zawaski


Available as a Kindle eBook.


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